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What makes me qualified?

I truly believe that we each can be teachers, through our own experiences, and circumstances we have overcome.  Through my life experiences, tragic losses, painful hit rock bottom periods, and phoenix rising rebuilding phases, I have learned how to help others heal.  As I have been processing my own trauma, and steps towards personal healing, I have taken the necessary courses to learn the best methods to heal. 


I have earned my Usui Reiki levels I, II, III, IV Master training certification, as well as Feng Shui certification.  Reiki helps heal the human spirit/soul/ and body while Feng Shui helps heal your physical space, whether it be inside your home, work cubicle/office, or land. 


Feng Shui is another form of healing through energy improvement remedies. I apply ancient Feng Shui science and processes to your physical space, to help you be your best self. Using the methods of Feng Shui science supports us to enhance prosperity, health, relationships, work and inner peace through our physical environment. By making changes to our space, we affect changes in our life.  Through our consultation, we create goals and identify improvements you wish to make in your life, so I can offer you personalized recommendations.  All with the purpose of getting closer to your dream life!


Both Reiki and Feng Shui work with shifting, clearing, and improving energy.  At the core of all energy work, everything is related to Law of Attraction.   What you give you get. So, this work helps to shift your energy from negative, or blocked to clean, positive, and unblocked….therefore you will then start attracting more things that are a match to that new energy we create for you.


The same way you clean your physical body with a shower, it is the same idea that your spiritual body needs to be cleaned.

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